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Friday, September 5, 2014


"School days, school days, dear old golden rule days,
readin' and writin' and 'rithmetic, taught to the tune of a hickory stick, 
you were my queen in calico, I was your bashful barefoot beau 
when you wrote on my slate, 'I love you so' 
when we were a couple of kids.."
This coming Monday evening, September 8th at 7 PM, the Historical Society of Hamilton Township continues to bring fascinating local history to our area. We will be presenting another fascinating on screen presentation to the public. We will take a nostalgic and educational journey back to those long ago years and take a look at the old one room school houses and also project on the library's huge movie screen some fascinating articles and photos of the vintage years of schools that have survived the years and still educating our current generation. For me, and many other romanticists, there is a certain charm and fascination as we see the way our grandparent and great grandparents were educated. It was the era when a strict school teacher knew how to control any errant students; an era of pot bellied wood burning stoves, and hand held slates for taking notes; it was the year of chalk, black slate blackboards, and felt blackboard erasers, of straight pens and ink wells. Be sure not to miss this fascinating presentation. As noted in the above ad, admission is free to any area resident within traveling distance of the library. Our meetings usually end before 9 P.M.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Did you ever hear of Hamilton Township's Washington School? How about Friendship School and Edgebrook School? These were quaint one room school houses that were among Hamilton's early one room school houses back in the days of Hamilton's "numbered schools." Mark your calendars for Monday, September 8th and come down to the lower level of the Hamilton Township Public Library and taste a delicious bit of local history. The Historical Society of Hamilton is on a new road, changing course from non local and generic colonial history to coverage of the incredible historic heritage of our LOCAL area. Stay tuned; great things are coming! Our November meeting will be a command perormance of the very well accepted Chambersburg program presented some time ago; a program dedicated to my very dear friend, the late Maurice "Maury" Perilli.

Monday, July 28, 2014


The photo is from the Hamilton Township Public Library Local History Collection. The article is from the 1976  publication, "Old Nottingham" published by the Historical Association of Hamilton Township.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Our 2014 meeting schedule reflects a new and exciting change in the types of programs that have been presented in the past by the Hamilton Historical Society.  Instead of the non-Hamilton, Trenton, and Mercer County area related programs which resulted in reduced attendance numbers at our monthly meetings, we are bringing truly local historical photos and articles of persons, places and things of local historic interest.The 2014 Society program listed below marked the beginning of our new programs. Unfortunately the April meeting was snowed out, but the May and June meetings were close to standing room only with more than 50 in attendance at each program. 
Dr. James A.Federici, President